How to configure D-link DIR – 300?

That manual will describe you algorithm of wi-fi router configuration. D-link DIR – 300 is one of the most popular models which have a lot of modifications.

Router connection.

For configuration you need to connect your router to PC or laptop by cable. 1) Plug provider’s internet cable into WAN port. 2) LAN port is uses to connect router and PC which we will use to configuration. 3) Connect router to socket and launch. Settings check. First what we should do is checking LAN setting. For that we need to: 1) Get in control panel. 2) Find “Network connections” or “Network Control Center” and open “Properties”. 3) Update firmware.


Firmware updating.

Check firmware version of your router and update for the latest. You can download it from official Dlink site. Usually address of Dlink web interface is, but some models use 192.168.l.l. – the most popular address, but DIR – 300 uses Type this in browser address bar and you will see page where you need to enter username and password. Mostly, you need to write “admin” in both empty boxes and click “Ok”. If it isn’t work, just press and hold reset button for 10 seconds. You can find this button on backside of router or on bottom cover. After a correct login, you will be redirected to the page with the settings. To update the firmware of the router: 1) Choose “Configure manually” or “Advanced settings” (depending on your version). In tab “System” tap “Software Update”. 2) Find file which you downloaded from Dlink site by using “Browse” button. 3) Update firmware. 4) Upgrade process takes some time so please be patient. It may seem that everything is frozen, but do not despair and do not take decisive action. 5) After 5 minutes, restart router by pulling plug and switching it on again. 6) Go to web interface page to make sure that the version is updated.

Network connection configuration.

Our main task is configure router for automatically network connection and send it to all devices. For correct work you should know which connection method is used by your internet provider. Next steps: 1) Go to “Advanced settings”. 2) Into “Network” we need to find WAN. 3) Click “Add”. 4) Select connection method which used by your internet provider and type require information in appeared fields. Write username and password for network access In PPPoe, username, password, server address, VPN in L2TP and PPTP. IP address, gateway and DNS in Statically IP. Other boxes aren’t needed to be filled. 5) Save all changes and refresh web page.


Network connection name and password configuration.

  1.  Log in to router menu and select “Advanced settings”.
  2.  In the tab “Wi-fi” click on “General settings”.
  3.  Give a name to your network and save. In line “Network authentication” specify the most secure method “WPA-2 PSK”. In the field “password” enter a password which consist 8 or more characters.
  4.  Click “Save” before leaving. Setup is complete. Now you can connect to network from other devices.

You need find you Wi-Fi network and write password which you typed in settings. Be sure to write it or remember.